Factors to be never overlooked in a Content Management System

Written by on May 5, 2012

Factors to be never overlooked in a Content Management System   Choosing an ideal content management system is a necessary to get a target-oriented website. Factors like technical prowess, ease of installation, customization facility, admin interface etc are considered so that the proposed website meets the requirements. In this article, we would discuss factors to be never overlooked in a content management system.

Own specific requirements

A CMS which is selected for own requirements would be good. In many cases, the selection is influenced by someone else opinions which does not pay expectedly. Own requirements are measured so that the website meets the targets. When someone else is either involved or asked for a piece of opinion on CMS, the own needs are bound to be impacted negatively. So it’s suggested to pick a content management system as per the own specific needs.

Pre-buying research

Pre-buying research is always a good tactic to get a good product, and the same is true for content management system. Factors like price, performance, ease of use, etc are easily known beforehand to approach the market with some prescience. If the research is not carried out, the product might never be a good one. A research before buying is always a good strategy to get a good deal.

Price of the product

Showing preference to the cheapest available product in the hope of good results is a mistake. A CMS which would bring loads of functionalities, user-friendly features and ease of flexibility would never be the cheapest product. At the same time, the fate of the business would depend on how or what a CMS is bought. So a neither the cheapest not the costliest, a sensible product must be picked.

Simplicity of use

Selecting a too much technical CMS should be avoided to escape loads of inconvenience in the future. Anything with a complex or difficult user-interface would never be a viable option and might not let a website reach to the intended targets. Even if a technical CMS is selected, initial days would be fine as support would be available. However, once the support is gone, such products are always difficult to deal with.

Viability against marketing gimmicks

The best CMS is one which lets you meet a range of targets effortlessly to support the requirements. Marketing gimmicks play a major role when one looks for a content management system. CMSs are promoted on the basis of components, community, extensions etc which is absolutely not helpful to a business. So escaping the marketing gimmicks would be a good step to get a CMS which works, rather than thunders.

Rankings and visibility

Factors like SEO, rankings and visibility of a website are also very important which can’t be ignored at all. If a content management system is not SEO friendly, good rankings and enhanced visibility would never be achieved. There are some good CMSs which support SEO and prompt search engines to crawl and index pages built using them. So it’s always beneficial to go for those CMSs which are supposed to give good rankings and improved visibility.

Compatibility with mobile devices

Selection of CMS should be done for its compatibility with mobile devices as mobile penetration is growing spectacularly. Websites today are searched and accessed through a range of innovative mobile devices and mobile technology is evolving. If the selected content management system does not show compatibility for mobile devices, it’s not worth selecting.

Multi-site management

Multi-site management is a very important and useful feature that must be looked into a CMS before selecting. There are some CMSs which enable management of multiple sites with a single admin. It means, only one back-end would be enough to manage more than one website at a time. More so, running many websites at a time, and only managing them through a single source is a facility which can’t be ignore ever. So always consider multiple websites rather the focusing on a single one.


An ideal content management system would allow easy management of the content to let a website run smoothly. If a viable CMS is selected, the website would perform better and the management of its features would be easy. This article has listed some factors to never overlook in a content management system; users are invited to add to the list.

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