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Written by on January 17, 2011

redesign website tipsDo you have a feeling that some major modification is what your website needs at the moment? There can be many reasons that made you feel so, like; you got bored of the present design or want to give your visitors a completely different user experience. However, you need to be careful and clearly analyze various things before you actually implement your thought. In this post, I will help you take a decision and make sure you do not regret about anything, as; it’s not just a website, it decides the future of your business.

Few strong reasons why people go for re-design of their websites:

Before you step ahead, try to find out whether or not you have a strong reason to do so, because you are investing the assets of business here; time and money!! There are a few basic reasons why people often redesign their websites and they are really worth thinking over.

  • Attract Enough Visitors- You had put all your efforts to create an effective website for your business. But all you got in return was just a few visitors not contributing much to your success. Then it’s definitely the time to plan out a strategy which also includes changing certain areas of your website, as the earlier design has not been able to impress the web visitors. You can use tools like web analytics, Click Tale etc to track visitor statistics like number of visitors coming to different pages of your website, bounce rate, time duration etc. So, go ahead and see what’s missing!!
  • Complains about Accessibility and Navigation- You were able to get visitors for your website at the beginning with an impressive and informative homepage, Later on, you continue to lose visitors, poor navigation can be a reason. Easy navigation and user friendly sites get the edge over the complicated ones.
  • Search Engine Friendliness- Search engine ranking is important in terms of traffic and if your site is not being able to attract enough visitors, a major reason can be poor search engine ranking; to improve ranking in search engine, you need to pay attention to on-page activities including your site’s structure and design (coding, images and other necessary factors).
  • Product and Service Information- A few people decide to redesign a website as; they feel that they need to present their products and services in a better way or when their products and service offerings increase and redesigning is a solution for this.
  • User Friendly – A site is also re-designed, when the site owner feels the site should be more user friendly and interactive.

These are few major reasons why one thinks to change the design of his/her website; however, there are few more reasons like; to make the content more relevant, to communicate more effectively with your stakeholders, etc.

Now, moving on, we will talk about the precautions which are necessary to consider before and while implementing this major step.

Points to Consider

  • Most of the time, while redesigning a website, people find it a good opportunity to fix the rotten URLs which isn’t a good idea. By doing this, you may lose your traffic and also search ranking. The links that your website gets from other websites will not be transferred to the new page without taking necessary precautions.
  • To minimize issues while taking this step, you need to pass on all requests from the old page to the new. Not just adding a link pointing to the new page will do, but also should notify the search engines and visitors about the change in location of the page.
  • Yet another thing to keep in mind is that while changing the appearance of your site, you should try modifying the CSS file only. This is because it becomes an easier process, as; this way you can avoid going through every single page in order to do the modifications.
  • This thought to change the design of your website does not necessarily come once. It might rise again and again, with different reasons every time, depending upon your satisfaction level. I know of sites which have opted for redesigning their site 5-6 times. In order to make it easier for yourself, you should hire a proper and sophisticated web editor who uses advanced management site tools and can change your website design on a single template page. No doubt, popular companies will cost you more but their dedication and work for your site will save your time; a kind of payback for your invested money.

Last but very important thing that you should not miss is to keep an up -to- date backup of the existing site before going for any changes in it. The reason behind this is that despite all precautions and planning, it may happen that, you are not satisfied with the changes you made. So, in that case if you have a backup you can easily revert back to the original design. You can also add a beta link on the existing site to the new design. User can be presented the option to navigate to new design. Also allow the visitor to provide the comments on the new design. Proper analysis of those comments will result in proper design.

Update your website with fresh news to give readers a feel that you are active; this can be possible when u add a blog section on the site. You can also add social network icons/ content sharing tools, to make your blog more interactive.

Analyze Google Analytics report to see where users are dropping off and try to make changes there. This may take a few trials, but if you pay attention to data, this will definitely improve conversion rate.


Redesigning your website is not something to create havoc about, but yes, it’s a work full of planning, analysis and precautions. Invest well and get the best!!If you succeed, that means you have turned the table in your favor!

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