How to become a coding expert?

Written by on June 5, 2012

How to become a coding expertCoding is a vital part of web development process wherein creativity ensures better results. If coding is not up to mark, the resultant website would never perform to the potential and hence, the outcome would be too little. With good practices, an aspiring coder can easily become an expert to offer many benefits. In this write up, we would discuss how to become a coding expert. 

Learn basic coding concepts

It’s important to learn basic coding concepts before proceeding further down the road. First of all, the aspirant should develop the code base and then, constantly bring modification in them to hone the skills. It would be good to gain inside-out knowledge of the syntax and language to fetch good results. A code needs to know how to solve issues to learn skills of the codes.

Stay away from the ‘crooks’

Staying away from the crooks is about not work with the companies and people who use readymade coding templates. Most of the companies around never focus on imparting skills and they all use pre-existing codes to meet the needs. Any association with such crooks is sure to mar the creativity to the extent of not letting a coder use excellence.

Applying basic development tools

There is a range of basic development tools available around to take help in coding. Using such tools is a beneficial aspect for a coder who is willing to learn the tips & tricks of the trade. Such tools can help in debugging of CSS and JavaScript for better results. There are some advanced tools which might be efficient in use, but will not be any helpful to learn coding.

Don’t use traditional modes

Relying on traditional modes of coding is never a good choice if learning is the target. Coders often rely on moving from an editor to a browser to find issues to solve them. Instead of this practice, not using browser till the work is done is a good ploy as it enhances learning and imparts more knowledge.

Give preference to manual coding

Giving preference to manual coding is another step in the direction of learning coding tips and tricks. Many use code generator which is not a good sign as it kills any chance of creativity to be unleashed. Writing CSS with a code generator will indeed save time, though will not offer anything of learning to a new coder. When syntax is written manually, it gives a chance to learn many possible things for a coder.

Avoid copy & paste job

Avoiding copy & paste job is one of the most important things a coder can do to learn better skills. When codes are typed in random, it enables an opportunity to learn by practice attitude. Even for testing, code has to be written manually so that mode knowledge and skills are availed. It would be a bad ploy to rely on the archive to get code and paste them without doing any efforts on your part.

Never prefer machine or helpers

Preferring a machine to generate codes or seeking an editor where manual work is close to zero is a bad ploy. In this way, a new coder won’t learn anything of merit to implement further. When a vanilla editor is selected, it saves you from all sorts of problems and gives ample scope of learning. So having a useful editor is more beneficial than either machine or helpers when the target is to learn the coding.


It’s not easy to become a coding expert as a lot of hard work has to be done in the process. Being creative is the first step towards becoming an expert coder. This article has listed how to become a coding expect, and invites users to add to the list.

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