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Written by on September 18, 2012

SkyDrive, the new effective version for office documents, sharing photos and accessing content from anywhere has been launched again. The new Skydrive is improved with faster access and navigations for a more seamless sharing of photos. The company has redesigned website for these new included features using HTML5 and with new browsers. Skydrive website was launched in 2007 and currently has 100 million users who have tried their web service. Here we discuss the top three features of the new Skydrive.

Enhanced performance

The feature for fast performance in terms of page loading speed, navigation and other criteria were the main focus. The new web experience from the modern web browsing had called for a change in the design of the website. The expectations of the company for the new website performance areas were the following,

Improving task management and scenarios- Clicking folders, navigating photo albums are faster through 6-9 second navigation into a 100-300 millisecond fast processing. Hardware accelerated graphics provide a faster click through for photo slideshows. Additional core tasks would be focused for in the near future.

Newer advancements- A new website built from HTML5 would address the composition to a great slideshow experience without including any new software. These advancements within the new redesign were CSS3, HTML5 video and newer client rendered experiences.

New browser integration- From the new Windows 7 included with internet explorer 9, Skydrive becomes faster and accesses the word, excel and spreadsheets stored from the cloud.

Convenient Navigations

The navigations to the windows live id sign-in were a difficult part that had to be simplified to get to an easier sign-in for the customer and user. The new live id groups problem was solved using single place using photos, docs, files and using the Skydrive groups. Earlier the sign-in from the entry points had difficulty through, and

Skydrive, should become more focused on putting the content ahead for both the front and center of the website. The navigational elements and layouts are more consistent with Windows. Advantages of these new features have indicated for the following,

1 billion windows customers would find the site to be familiar and easier,

Skydrive focuses more on content filling the webpage for fuller use of screen.

Preview of Navigation Panel

Preview of Navigation Panel

The advantage to holding the content onto web page is evidently more consistent and predictable. Recent documents can be accessed from quick views entry or by clicking Skydrive on the header. Iterative approach has been utilized by Skydrive website. And therefore much of the website is still left to be designed. Parts of the website design are left to be scheduled for later like a new album, uploading, renaming files, sharing and editing permissions.

Photo Management is ‘Fluid’

The photo management is smoother, easier and fluid encouraging an effective experience. The rich and efficient new photo management is integrated with a layout that enables clean display of the photos in their original aspect ratio. The website has used CSS3 for the purpose while having subtler animations that rearranges these thumbnails and views from the resized browser screen.

Preview of Photo management from Skydrive

Preview of Photo management from Skydrive


The Skydrive website launched in 2007 has undergone a number of changes and redesigned using HTML5. The three new features of faster processing, easy navigation and photo management are effective, providing customers a new enhanced rich experience. Users of the new Skydrive website would appreciate the efforts in the newly redesigned website.

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